Drug Abuse And Addiction

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Drug Abuse

Everyday around the world there are people consuming different kinds of drugs. Some may use them prescribed from doctors and then there are some that abuse the consumption of drugs. Although some people may take the drug because it’s prescribed by their doctor, it later turns into an addiction or abuse of the drug. In this article you will learn about the most common drugs abused physical and psychological, along with the signs, symptoms and treatment for them. Also, you’ll be able to see a chart of how the drug abuse has either increased or decreased in different populations. One of the most common abused drugs would be heroin. “Heroin is one of the deadliest drugs that is commonly used among men and women in their late 20’s
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Most people who are addicted or abusing drugs do not recognize that they have a problem. Certain signs are feeling the need to have that drug so intense that it effects your financial status, your personal or professional life are affected or even at risk, you borrow or steal money to pay for your drugs, or you physically looks sick because of unhealthy sleep or eating habits. Many addicted individuals will have trouble functioning normally as they used to. Tasks such as cooking, working or being around family will be affected …show more content…
Data from a 2012 Drug Abuse Warning Network report showed that “The proportion of emergency department visits involving nonmedical use of pharmaceuticals varied by gender: for youth aged 15 to 17, the difference between girls (45%) and boys (31%) was significant.” According to the National Institute of Drug Abuse, “Past-month use of marijuana was highest among American Indian/Alaskan Natives for all age groups. Use peaked among American Indian/Alaskan Natives ages 18–25 but was also quite high among persons ages 12–17. Marijuana use also peaked among this age group across all other races and ethnicities. As with the use of any illicit drug, use of marijuana by sex indicates that males have a higher prevalence of use compared with females for all racial/ethnic groupings. Among whites, African Americans, and Hispanics, men were two times more likely to use marijuana compared with females.” The chart below will show how these different populations are

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