Drowning Into Natural World Essay examples

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Drowning into Natural World People think about their past, present and future every second of their life. They decide whatever is the best for themselves, and they move on with decisions they have made. The process of making that settlement is the hardest part because little do we know about our future. However, we make our own destiny by decisions we have made in the past. Walking into a trail and mountain has always helped me to think about everything widely open. In other words, I have started experiencing that feeling since I was only three years old. My father used to wake me up at 5 in the morning once a month, to go hiking with him and he kept saying “being in the natural world is crucial.” He is an artist and he sees the world in an artistic way; nevertheless, walking into trail was feeling of freedom and peace. People walk miles and as much tired as they get, they never forget to say “hello, good morning”. Long story short, the hiking experience at Canyon park has reminded me of every feeling that I have ever felt when I used to hike with my father. The Biophilia Hypothesis suggests that there is an unconscious and automatic relationship between humans and other living creatures. It categorizes the relationships into nine groups based on our species’ and biological basis. In this essay, I will discuss Naturalistic and Humanistic categories. Some people think it is decisive to spend some time in the natural world. The biophilia notion powerfully declares the…

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