Why I Want To Drop Out Of College Essay

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During this summer I strongly considered dropping out of college. My grades were extremely low, I had no friends, and I had a really tough time adapting to this new environment. After a full year of skipping classes and failing grades I came to the conclusion that college just was not for me. But dropping out and living with my parents for the rest of my life was not an option. If I dropped out I would need a plan for what I would do with my life. After weeks of research I came to the realization that I already had a plan for my life and I would not let anything stop me from being as successful as I planned to be, so I made the difficult decision to stay in college.
Since high school I was absolutely sure that I wanted to be a nurse. I even took medical certification classes to prepare myself for the nursing courses I would take in college. I did really well in those classes because I enjoyed that subject and when you really like a subject or find it interesting you are naturally going to do good in it. Because I excelled in those classes I assumed that college would be a walk in the park. Then I took
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It didn’t feel impossible because it was hard it felt impossible because I would need to completely rearrange my life. I would have to find a decent paying job and a place to live because I’m sure my parents would not let me live with them being a college drop out. Then I thought of a great idea, I could join the military. It paid well enough, it would pay for college if I ever decided to go back, and I would get to travel and learn about new cultures. I talked to my brother about it since he is in the air force and makes a comfortable salary. The only down side to joining the military was boot camp. I can barely walk up the stairs without losing my breath. So I had two options I could get in shape then join the military or I could stay in school. I chose to stay in

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