Driving Age Should Raised to Twenty-One Essay

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Driving is a fun activity as well as a necessity in this modern society. However, many times this fun activity and entertainment could end up very dangerously. Every year, over thirty thousand Americans lose their lives in fatal car accidents. (http://www.progressiveu.org/012608-do-we-need-a-driving-age-limit) Most of those accidents are caused by teenagers but, have we ever asked ourselves why it is this way? Where does the problem lay? The answers to these questions are very simple. The driving age has to be raised to twenty-one. Parents must realize that their kids are not grown up enough and should not be given freedom to take control of the car keys at the age of sixteen.

This is a very controversial topic which has to be discussed
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I even have my own experience in this. My brother, who is two years older than me, last year got his drives license and my parents bought him a car as a graduation present. Unfortunately, he didn’t realize the responsibilities of becoming a new driver. Soon after, he was involved in a car accident while he had his friend in the car. They wanted to be the center of attention on the road, and were driving fast. In the end, the situation turned against them. They were in a huge accident because they were not mature enough to take responsibility of the steering wheel. My brother is not the first to get into an accident because of showing off, and he will probably not be the last. The government must begin to address this topic. The driving age must be raised to twenty-one.
There are many people who may oppose my opinion. Busy parents want to get rid of the responsibility of chauffeuring their children around, so they support their children driving at the age of sixteen. Another view is that parents feel that by letting their teenager begin to drive at this age they are helping them to slowly prepare for going away to college in two years. Although I am a firm believer that a child needs to be given the opportunity to mature more fully before they are given the responsibility of becoming a driver, most people across the USA remain opposed. There have been many discussions in many states to increase the driving age to eighteen or even twenty-one,

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