Passengers Vs Pedestrians Analysis

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Explain the essential idea of why were people protesting?
One of the most rapidly expanding market of AI is driverless cars. They hold a lot of potential and risk. For example in the CNN article, Driverless cars create a safety 'dilemma': passengers vs. pedestrians, by Jacqueline Howard describes the decision of who to save by driverless cars. One of the questions asked was “Should the vehicle know to swerve into a wall and sacrifice its passengers to avoid the pedestrians, or should it protect its passengers at all costs?” (Howard). The results survey posted in the Science Magazine by the American Association of the Advancement of Science, that asked the question was the cars should be utilitarian (Howard). “attempting to save the most lives
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While many companies are investing in AI according to the article 10 tech giants investing in artificial intelligence: What is their plan and who are other key players? By Christina Mercer in Tech World by IDG the leading companies are; Spotify, Microsoft, Uber, Google, Facebook, Apple, IBM, Skype, Salesforce and Shell (Mercer). While most of these you’ll recognize what are they exactly doing to get on the list? Spotify is buying starter companies to better improve your recommendations and advertisements(Mercer). On the other hand Microsoft is investing more and more into AI companies and even started its own project to recognize emotions (Mercer) The next one is no surprise with Uber charging at full steam ahead to get driverless cars into their system. While Google uses AI for its self driving cars it also purchased DeepMind a huge AI company and has developed a machine learning system called Tensor flow and it will available for everyone for free (Mercer). Apple aims to develop Siri further using Vocal IQ's speech and AI software and it also bought Emotient (Mercer).Facebook is trying to help people who visually impaired by describing each image outloud on its app among many other things (Mercer). IBM aims to use computers to extract meaning from photos, videos, text and speech. Skype offers real time language translation in six languages and aims to add more (Mercer). Salesforce works to capabilities that further automate and personalise customer support, marketing automation, and many other business processes(Mercer). Maybe the most surprising is Shell but it works to enhance customer support by launching a virtual assistant to answer questions around the clock

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