Essay on Drinking Age Requirements Should Stay

1276 Words Feb 24th, 2016 null Page
Drinking age requirements should stay as put in the United States. Drinking is an activity that many don’t see as a very serious concept. Alcohol Consumption is often times deemed as something that is done during recreation. It can be assumed that because of this, alcohol is being treated as a suppressant to problems one may face. Teenagers have taken this foul recreation as a way to explore their maturity levels, but such exploration has a chance of leading to unpredictable results.
Complaining of a hangover on a Sunday morning is a normal occurrence for people. What many are failing to understand is that drinking has a high possibility of leading to brain damage. Teenagers often do not comprehend the fact that there are dangers in the world that could possibly have the chance to harm them. According to a National Public Radio article written by Neuroscientist Susan Tapert (2010) “...the adolescent brain is still undergoing several maturational processes that render it more vulnerable to some of the effects of substance.” Using a non-matured brain to consume alcohol while also trying to maintain memory formation during school is a struggle that is bound to happen while drinking underage.
By lowering the drinking age to 18, America would be promoting bad decisions that teens make based off of their lack of adult experiences. Children don’t yet have the capacity of knowledge at 18 years of age to moderate their alcohol consumption. Most young adults do not yet gain…

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