The Negative Effects Of The Lower Drinking Age

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When somebody brings up drinking in the US today, society visualizes it as an awful affair. On the other hand, adults responsibly drink alcohol most of the time and see it as a luxury. What if the nation could have drinking be this way for everyone? It could be. Lowering the drinking age will not only help cut down on binge drinking, but also teach teens and young adults the proper way to drink.
Limiting Adults and Family Bonds The official age of an adult is 18. In other countries, drinking ages are 18, 16, and sometimes even less. So why does America choose to have its age higher compared to others? Good question. Keeping the age at 21 has actually been not only defective for children, but for their parents and the relationships
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3). The higher drinking age has been harmful to the relationships between parents and their kids because of the element of secretiveness. Being at a younger age to the point where they …show more content…
When he wanted to join a fraternity, Gordie was asked to drink ten gallons of hard alcohol and wine in half an hour. This would let him get into the fraternity, and of course, fit in. As I said earlier, trying to fit in with drinking has become a terrible problem even though it shouldn’t be one. Later that night, after drinking the alcohol via straight out of the bottle instead of pacing himself, the young man of 18 was not himself and had definitely amassed the amount that his body could handle. His eyes were not the same, and he could barely walk. The other frat brothers put him on a couch, and left him there. They stayed in the same room as him, but didn’t call 911 due to the fear that the police would discover their underage drinking. Gordie lay unconscious there for an extremely sustained amount of time with the others in the same room with him. The frat brothers finally called 911 after an extended period of nine hours. He died that day of alcohol poisoning. Gordie’s stepfather, Michael Lanahan, spoke on the subject. "Gordie died alone in an empty room with his friends surrounding him. And it 's just very preventable. Just inexcusable, Lanahan told Stahl” (Streeter, 2009, para. 30). He is right. This is very preventable, and the fact that peer pressure was a major reason for this is terrible. One young adult’s thoughts

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