Essay on Dr. Wright 's Interview

1028 Words Dec 9th, 2016 5 Pages
“Different does not mean deficient”, these wise words were said by Reverend Dr.Jeremiah Wright in his interview. The foundation for the injustices done to black people that have taken place in America transpired due to hate; and this hate stems from one major factor: being different. In their interviews, Dr.Wright and James Cone mentioned and elaborated on a lot of topics that, in my opinion, need to be discussed more often instead of what Kim Kardashian is doing in her life. Too often we find ourselves losing our consciousness to “Weapons of Mass Distraction” as Dr. J.V. Pimienta-Bey would so eloquently put it. “Unashamedly black and unapologetically Christan”(Dr.Wright), was coined to uplift black Christians that felt that they had to continue to apologize for not only being black in America but also apologize for being a black Christan. What would make black people ashamed to be black? They were not enslaved anymore, segregation was no longer enforced and lynchings had decreased by the time of Dr.Wright’ s interview yet he still spoke of the shame that black people had and still have to deal with. From my understanding of what has been taught in class, African Americans feel this shame because of the tactics done by society to make them feel less than; these tactics could consist of slurs muttered to them [black people] as they walk down the street, presenting pictures that circulate and elevate white skin or stereotyping and convicting people of their same skin tone…

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