Dr. Stone 's Death Essay

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Dr. Michael Stone professor at Columbia University knows exactly what evil is and how it works. Dr. Stone has probably looked evil in it’s eye for he is also forensic psychologist. He created the “Graduations of Evil” which consisted of twenty-two levels of evil and with every level an explanation for how a person could be categorized in a specific level. The twenty-two levels are divided into three main section one is the justified homicide, two through eight are impulsive murders, nine through fifteen are semi-psychopaths, and sixteen through twenty-two are psychopaths. If a person is an impulsive murderer they are commit murder in the heat of rage or jealousy. People that are semi-psychopaths are proven delusional or unable to connect with reality. For the real psychopaths they have an unreal charm, and are profoundly cunning and manipulative. Dr. Stone’s hopes that one day his levels of evils will be used in the court of law. In forensic science these scales could assist law enforcers to determining which way to go about a criminal depending on which level they are classified. These levels may also be helpful in the court of law to help a judge determine the verdict of a criminal as well as what is best for that particular criminal. One might say that these levels of evil could persuade a judge and cloud his or her’s mind. For instance, a judge could have a reasonable verdict in mind however reading through the levels could benefit or be of a disadvantage. One may…

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