Dr. Mascio 's Philosophy, Religion, And Film Essay examples

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Dr. Mascio has taught 14 completely distinct courses with separate preparations in the last 9 semesters, 8 in the last two semesters while carrying a 15 credit load each semester. These courses include disciplines as wide ranging as literature, etymology, history, philosophy, mythology, religion, and film. Courses not taught in the last two semesters include the following: Roots of English, Journey of Transformation, Classical Mythology, Modern Theater, and Film, Advanced Greek: Aristotle, and Special Topics in Greek Literature: Homer. Outside of his home department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures he teaches every Fall Semester in the University Honors Program, has previously taught in the University Core, and regularly teaches courses cross-listed with History and English. In addition he regularly teaches four distinct levels of two languages, Advanced Greek and Elementary, Intermediate, and Advanced Latin. 3. Innovations
Dr. Mascio has implemented numerous innovations in pedagogical methods within his program over the last five years, in addition to developing new courses, assessment initiatives, and experiential learning adaptations. A few specific examples include: More than half of his classes have featured all new syllabi and texts which he has developed (one example can be found below). In coordination with Dr. Booth, the Program Director, he implemented the usage of the National Latin Exam in Elementary and Intermediate Latin courses in order to assess…

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