Dr. D. R 2 Essay

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During his fifth term in the United States House of Representatives, Congressman Sanford Bishop (GA-2) made one of the most pivotal moves in his career. In the 108th Congress, he gained a seat on the prestigious Appropriations Committee. Representing a primarily rural community, Bishop had previously been a long-running member of the Agriculture committee. On his congressional website, he states that Georgia’s farmers, ranchers, and producers are the backbone of the state’s most important industry. It is evident that his involvement with the Agriculture committee advanced his legislative work and self-presentation to his district. In a secure position to represent the issues of his district, what motivated Bishop to leave this committee and transfer to the Appropriations? It is possible that he felt that he was in a safe seat, allowing him to shift his focus away from agriculture and onto more national issues. In this point of time, Bishop had won re-election four times in a row and even running unopposed in the 2002 election. Bishop writes on his website that being in Appropriations has allowed him to “work to ensure that the Second Congressional District gets its fair share of federal dollars to create and maintain jobs, rebuild its infrastructure, strengthen its schools, bridge the digital divide, fund innovative agriculture research, promote national security, and develop communities.” In doing so, he is conveying to his constituents that…

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