Dr. Benjamin S. Carson Essay

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Dr. Benjamin S. Carson has overcome countless challenges in his life. From his childhood days in the projects of Detroit, to the opposition he faced in his career, he has been forced to learn to deal with problems calmly and effectively. It is this quality and a multitude of others that make him an excellent candidate for President of the United States. Born on September 18, 1951 in Detroit, Michigan, Dr. Carson was raised by his single mother, who struggled to provide for her family. However, Sonya Carson was determined that Ben, as well as his brother Curtis would be successful, and believed that would happen through education. Dr. Carson attended Higgins Elementary, a school that was “predominantly White” (Carson 29). He was soon considered to be the dumbest student in the school and almost fell into the trap of thinking that “being Black meant everything was stacked against me” (Carson 31). However, his mother “challenged her two children to reach beyond their meager circumstances through reading” (Meet). After this challenge Dr. Carson’s “grades improved dramatically and he started to develop what would become a lifelong affair with learning” (Meet). He graduated with honors from Southwestern high school, and attended Yale University, where he majored in psychology, with the intent to pursue medicine. While at Yale, he also met his future wife, Lacina Rustin, who was known as Candy (Carson 91). Dr. Carson married Candy in 1975 and they have three sons, Murray,…

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