Downloading Files from the Internet Essay

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Downloading Files from the Internet

This paper is written to explain how files are downloaded from the internet. It will include the advantages and disadvantages of downloading software and what precautions could be taken when downloading. In this paper I will also address my own personal experience of downloading files and programs from the internet.
What are the steps involved in downloading files and programs from the internet. The most popular browser is Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox and Netscape Navigator. Some Mac users prefer other browser, like Safari browser. When downloading files run the program from the current location or you can save the program
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If using windows based systems click the right button on the mouse and Mac users will click and hold the mouse button until the pop up appears. At this point the image can be saved to the hard drive by selecting the picture option. The file name can remain the same or the file can be renamed to what you like. (Note; graphic files are usually in .gif or .jpg format)
Compressed and self extracted files are individual file or a group of files which are compressed to a single file. Files that are compressed have to be decompressed to a separate utility. Files that are self extracting files for Macintosh contain (.sea or .exe) windows extension. Some software will take longer than others and may not be able to be downloaded because it can not run on your computer. It’s important to pay special attention to view file type before downloading to make sure it works with your computer including the software to decompress, play or view. Web browsers have the ability to identify and display some, but not all graphic files.
In my own experience, I have saved files using the web space my service provider offers and this depends on how much space is available to the user. Saving files this way is only going to have limited space and is a good option for home users and small office. Files can be transferred using the same tools used to upload file when creating a website, for example a stand

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