Essay on Dove Pro Age Fighting Stigma And Embracing Real Beauty

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Dove Pro-Age Fighting Stigma and Embracing Real Beauty:

Advertising floods the airwaves of our culture. With another corporate sponsor at every turn, we cannot help but be influenced by the messages of a constantly streaming commercials. Advertisement in American culture is a time old practice, we seldom see a positive message in regards to aging. Dove Pro-Age breaks the barriers of a culture that seemingly despises aging, and especially the aging of women. By boasting unconventional models not only of varying body types, but women who are significantly older than the typical model we have grown accustomed to, Dove calls for an attitude change in our society when it comes to aging. In a market that is flooded with products meant to erase the signs of aging and puts emphasis on the importance of a youthful appearance, Dove presents an opposing emphasis on the importance of diversity and acceptance rather than attempting to achieve perfection.

Dove a Unilever brand of bath and beauty products, through the years has become known for their progressive and diverse campaigns. A staple in their marketing technique is a positive message to women of self-acceptance that is demonstrated through their inclusion of women of varying body types, ethnicities and ages. Dove’s dedication to celebrating “Real women’s beauty,” has produced many of viral campaigns, many of which contain not professional models, but instead regular women who are a more accurate depiction of the…

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