Douglas 'Biff' Wilson In The Film, After The Axe

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Douglas “Biff” Wilson (Canadian resident) a 44-year-old man featured in the film “After the Axe” was terminated from his position after he was not selected for the President position. He was with Universal Foods for fifteen-years and was terminated by the new-elected President, which seemed to be threatened by Biff challenging personality. According to Dismissal Lawyer David Harris, Biff could have retaliated (legal battle) against Universal Foods since they did not have just cause to dismiss him and he would have won (Canada, N. F., 1981). Relocation counselor Eric Barton was paid 10,000 to defuse Wilson while they paid him a twelve-month severance package (Canada, N.F., 1981). Although Biff was not terminated because of his age from Universal Food, he would soon learn that his age would hinder him from obtaining another position within the business world.
Wilson was rejected from many jobs due to his age and the belief that he had been left behind (really, they were looking to hire younger men that they could pay cheaper salaries). Dawn
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Often older workers are not considered for continuous learning or other development because “they’re on their way out, anyway.” Managers should pay attention to the basis for decision making and selection about training and development opportunities (Bennett-Alexander D., and Hartman L., 2015, p567).
The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) should pressure corporations to address age bias and bring their policies up to date. Encourage older workers to pursue job-related training and reward with promotional opportunities. If companies/corporations desire an age cut-off they should invest in establishing a program through Older Worker’s Benefit Protection Act that reflects the age-cut off it desires without simply dismissing older

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