Double A Hotel Case Study

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Excutive summary This report provides an analysis and strategic proposal for the Double-A Hotel Company’s current strategic situation. look at the system of the hotel that has been used for many years. However, the technological development has influenced the customer decision to choose a service from a business. In addition, number of people that visit the hotel, continue increasing. Therefore, it is significant that Double-A hotel has to analyse the current performance of the hotel in order to survive in the highly competitive industry. The hotel has to know the strengths and weakness in order to find core competencies and match them. After that, problems that hotel is facing, is discussed to make a goal list or challenge to solve them. …show more content…
Odoo benefit a lot due to the integration concept that manage many functions throughout the hotel into a single IT system. The useful application of Odoo is created, business process was changed afterward. BPMN is modified to in the view of a more effective version of working. There are numerous disparate information system are combined together with the consistency of information. The benefit is also in shorter time of running a process. Besides, the large amount of money that spend in the previous system, is reduced significantly.


Currently, hotel market has become one of the highly competitive industry in Thailand. Double-A Hotel is part of it which provides service for accommodation to people and unavoidably is affected by this situation. Even
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The proposed solutions are to bring some IT base to collect and store all information of both customer information and payments, so that the staff can manage, retrieve, and synchronise the reports and the information more easily and at the same time synchronising each branch with head office. According to this objective, the hotel has adopted a beneficial software application of ERP system, called Odoo. The weak ness of manual system that used to collect data in the previous concept, will be improved by application of centralised ERP-system of different modules. Each module is responsible for a specific functions such as CRM for recording customer informationPOS for calculation of service for a customer, and Online Billings for producing an invoice and payment. As the recommendation of ERP concept is applied to get new hotel operation, the modification can be comparable with BPMN model. The modified BPMN based on application of Odoo, is compared with the original one to examine the differentiation. There are numerous advantage of using ERP software in the business, the integration of several business activities, the consistency of information throughout the entire operation, including with the effective and professional

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