Dota Essay

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A. Definition of terms
DOTA - is a multiplayer online battle arena game in a three-dimensional environment, presented from an oblique high-angle perspective. The player commands one of 110 controllable character "Heroes. Each Hero begins the match at level one and becomes more powerful by accumulating experience points through combat, thereby leveling up to the maximum level of twenty-five. With every level gained the player either selects a new ability for their Hero to learn or enhance their general statistics. Each Hero's method of combat is influenced by its primary property: Strength, Agility, or Intelligence.
Custom map- is game that you can modify its features its features using World Editor.
Computer shops are places that
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Playing DOTA can affect a person’s physical and psychological aspects, careers and relationship with other people.
This research paper is very important to read because playing DOTA in the country is very popular, the students of Polomolok South Cotabato especially to high school students who definitely obsessed and easily get addicted to it. Second, this paper gives critical knowledge about the topic to the reader. Third, it has wide target audience; any people are suitable to read this paper to understand what the topic is all about. Fourth, the topic is fresh and modern.Andfinally, the topic is all about the relationship as a student to their parents.
The result of this research is intended to prevent addiction of the minors in playing computer games specifically DOTA. We have included negative effects of DOTA to us students.
II. Effects on Gamers
As time continues to run, our world keeps getting more advance and modernize and until now, it doesn’t stop. One of the finished products of modernization is the machine called “Computer”. Since, it was invented and being developed, it gives us benefits and brings significance and importance to our lives. But as we all know that when things are not used properly, there’s always a negative effect that occurs. It can be in our thoughts, behaviors, actions, and or in other ways. Computer games are slowly affecting

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