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Due to the nature of this essay and analysis of Dota 2 community some background knowledge is needed, for a lot terms or points require basic fundamental knowledge I hope to fill in here. ‘Region’ in Dota 2 is to describe the region of countries that play together, for example, if described to be from the SEA region you are most likely Asian and play Dota 2 in a different way. ‘Match’ is the same as a sports match, one match of Dota can also be equated to a game of chess. ‘Dota 2 community’ will refer to the general public who plays or watches Dota 2. ‘Dota 2’ is an online video game, a sequel to Dota 1, it is basically a team video game where the objective is to destroy the enemy base while having the ability to hinder enemy players. An analogy …show more content…
people write it in twitchchat and ingame chat tingle88 i guess ur asking what does "la" mean..i guess u saw this coming from a SEA server?if yes then the "la" is just a chinese lingo.."la" is more representive to the english exclamation mark..example we would go "i don 't want it!!!" a chinese would say "i don 't want it la"
EDIT: the "la" has many expressions depending on the tone said

This excerpt from a reddit Dota 2 discussion form is the user ‘josefineseqerqvist’ inquiring about what ‘la’ means and its popular adaptation into Dota 2 games and as explained by ‘tingle88’ it is a word adopted from another Dota 2 region. There is also observation of numerous other words or sayings also being adopted from other regions; a short list includes: ‘davai’, russian for go; ‘Cyka Blat’, russian for ‘bitch whore’; and ‘ka le’, chinese for lag (i.e. slow internet connection). Some phrases are adopted for mockery others because of iconic moments and general liking to the term. And like Jones and Schieffelin conclusion that text speak is not a sign of linguistic define, I would argue foreign word adoption is not a sign of cultural insensitivity. Although some would argue phrases were adopted purely to insult different region players and this is a sign of cultural insensitivity. I would rebuttal with Dota 2 players insult each other regardless of region, but to adopt another region 's language to insult them in order for them to understand is cultural
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Although not exactly structural violence something simular to it exists in Dota 2 and is the result of why Dota 2 community can be view as toxic. Similar to how structural violence is social structure causing negative impacts to an individual, in Dota the social structure perpetuates toxic behaviour, which in turn causes vulgar language fatigue. Contrarily, an argument can be made nothing causes the high usage of vulgar language it is a natural occurring phenomenon. I would disagree, as a avid gamer who was involved in many other gaming communities I was still shocked by their sheer volume and extremity of the language. This is due to a fundamental difference in the social structure and what is deemed socially acceptable. In Dota 2 even amongst the professional players vulgar language and toxic insults are used, a notable professional player Artour ‘Arteezy’ Babaev would often when playing with other players tell them to ‘kill themselves’ and casual make remarks of the gaming being ‘cancerous’ and insult his teammates in matches repeatedly. Which is fundamentally different from another gaming community such as Starcraft 2 where professional players are expected to have good manners and bad mannerisms is frowned upon and often

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