Dota 2 : Analysis And Analysis Essay

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Due to the nature of this essay and analysis of Dota 2 community some background knowledge is needed, for a lot terms or points require basic fundamental knowledge I hope to fill in here. ‘Region’ in Dota 2 is to describe the region of countries that play together, for example, if described to be from the SEA region you are most likely Asian and play Dota 2 in a different way. ‘Match’ is the same as a sports match, one match of Dota can also be equated to a game of chess. ‘Dota 2 community’ will refer to the general public who plays or watches Dota 2. ‘Dota 2’ is an online video game, a sequel to Dota 1, it is basically a team video game where the objective is to destroy the enemy base while having the ability to hinder enemy players. An analogy is imagine football where the goal is to kill the opposing goalkeeper and you have the ability to cripple the opposing team and able to upgrade yourself to be stronger within the match and each new match everything is restarted what happened last match has no influence on the current one.
The Dota 2 culture is a subculture of the gaming culture and much like general cultures it has its own norms, expectations, and behaviour. Though this essay I will provide a detailed analysis on Dota 2 community behaviour and its observed effects. In particular I will address the existence of ethnocentrism even in gaming communities. The metalinguistics of gaming culture and how it is cultivated in both positive and negative directions. The…

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