Dora Harding 's Commitment And Loyalty Essay

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Dora Harding had many positive attributes to describe her son but one attribute she shared truly describes the essence of his character: “When he is with you, he is with you all the way.” A committed individual is a valuable and loyal individual and that individual is Troy Leon Maxey. Maxey is the seventh-born of eight children and he hails from Indianapolis, IN. After completing high school, he attended Indiana University Purdue University-Indianapolis where he studied the discipline of political science. Initially, Maxey was heading to law school, or at least he thought he was, but decided to pursue an opportunity presented to him by his employer at the time, FedEx. In 2003, Maxey earned his master’s in business administration with emphasis in management from the University of Miami, Coral Gables. As a result of his commitment and loyalty, he continues to climb the professional ladder within FedEx. Since 1997, he has served in management for the firm. Now serving as Managing Director, Maxey utilizes the broad scope of industry knowledge as he directs the Brazilian International Operations Division where he leads a team of 900.
In much more detail of his current position as Managing Director, Maxey is responsible for overseeing the logistics, supply chain, and transportation aspects in Latin America and the Caribbean. He completes this grand task by evaluating the core engineering responsibilities of facilities’ planning and operational efficiencies. Additionally, FedEx…

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