Dora Analysis : Dora The Explorer Essay

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Dora the Explorer is a frequently viewed show amongst the younger age group, from toddlers and up, that has been around for almost 15 years. Dora is a young girl that goes on endless adventures with her monkey friend Boots. Her relationship with her family seems stable, as we have seen her greet and interact with them after adventures and she has worked alongside her cousin Diego. Dora also seems rather friendly and social, with humans and animals alike. The audience is engaged by picking the path that Dora needs to follow when she becomes sidetracked and asks for assistance. I selected her for this assignment because her family situation and behavior that she exhibits is strange. Her lack of parental interference is apparent with her ability to travel around the world alone. Not only that, but age plays a huge factor. She is depicted as a child wandering the world. In addition, her incapability to remember things and constant need for guidance is also abnormal. She has a hard time remembering events that occurred seconds before, hence why she repeatedly asks the audience questions a number of times. I’ve never seen Dora in a home setting. The location of the show takes place outdoors, following Dora from one place to another, but not once in the 15 years the show has aired, have I ever seen Dora not wandering the country. Her interaction with animals and objects are also peculiar. It is apparent that Dora suffers from numerous mental health disorders.
With that being said,…

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