Doping And Athleticism In Sports

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GNC is a company that helps support the idea of athletes, people in general, gaining the right enhancement in their overly physicality and health. During the last few years the controversy of “doping” and “drugging” in sports shot to an all-time high. The issues behind athletes being completely all natural in their athleticism has become critical due to the cases of outstanding athletes in certain sports. Athletes such as Lance Armstrong (Professional Cycling),
Marion Jones (Olympic Track and Field), or even Alex Rodriguez aka “A-Rod” (Major League
Baseball) being completely or close to completely shut down in their sports from the fact of being caught using illegal drugs and/or steroids. Due to this factor GNC in the previous years, and even
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By mixing white and black it gives off the shade of gray. The gray in Figure 1 and 2 establish the responsibility of a person not being forced to do
Chassidy Mayhew
Georgia Jackson
ENC 1102
Supplements Over Steroids anything but it fully up to themselves to make the decision of what route they want to take. The real standalone color is red which pops out over all the settle and dull colors to show people to go ahead and do what they need to do to get right. Also the color red shows involvement by having the quotes written in red to help make the power in the quotes pop out too. Many of times steroids are displayed in various vibrant hues all over the places. Therefore, these colors all work together to make Figure 1 and 2 support GNC and their vision by making their supplements have more simplicity compared to what steroids are viewed as.
To further my argument, Figure 1 shows a side of credibility. The person and quote being promoted are from Mark Wahlberg. Mark Wahlberg is a well-known actor around-the-world. He has done many roles that required him to get built up for the parts to make them seem more realistic. Such as his role in the movie “The Fighter”, dealing with a boxer. He trained for a
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Protein and leucine are key ingredients in helping someone gain weight and sustain the muscle formed. The average of 20 grams of protein is ideal or a good amount of protein to start at. In this ad they say they have 60 grams which is way more efficient than the ideal amount. It also has 7.7 grams of leucine which is close to the recommended amount of 8 grams. They also display a graph of using their product versus using a placebo effect. This graph strengthens the whole view of
Figure 2 by making a relation of what the person is going to input and the output they’ll receive.
GNC even uses Chad Gregory, a famous natural body builder, to quote he uses these supplements for his training. By all this information given it allows the persuasion to deepen for people viewing this ad. It makes one think that by buying this supplement they definitely will not regret it. Figure 2 shows that it makes sense by adding the fact that you will get “…100% increase in exercise efficiency.” Basically, everything in this product makes it right for you to obtain it.
In my conclusion, Figure 1 and 2 projects the mission and vison of GNC very well.

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