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Name:Maryam BiBi

Employees and employers assessment

You work for Bombay Stores, you have been asked to create a document which explains to the employee and employer how they can operate in enterprising ways, develop working relationships and meet their rights and responsibilities.

Task 1: Enterprising employees

Suggest two ways to a Bombay Stores employee of what they can do to be enterprising:

|Suggestion |Explanation |
|Have suggestion schemes |If you have a suggestion scheme the employees can put their ideas forward and|
| |the employees will
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Identify and explain 3 benefits Bombay Stores of being enterprising:

(9 marks)

Task 2: Employee/employer expectations

Identify 3 factors that a Bombay Stores employee can expect from its employer. Give an example

|Factor |Example |
|Suitable working conditions |Bombay stores will have to provide an employee with suitable working|
| |hours |
|Equal opportunities |Everyone needs to be treated the same in gender, race, disability |
| |and the right for employment. |
|Contract of employment |This includes all the details of the rate of pay. A written contract|
| |has to be issued within 2 months of starting work. |
|Suitable working conditions |You expect your

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