Donor Services Department Case Essay

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1. What was Joanna Reed’s diagnosis of the situation in the donor services department?
After talking with the department head, Joanna was able to detect a several problems that the department suffered. First there was a problem with the leadership of the department. One was that the department head Jose, was focusing more on community services rather than managing the workplace. Also, he was relying on Elena for supervision, who lacked leadership skills and had a personality of a follower rather than a leader. The main problem was that most of the workers don’t follow a certain job description and roles were mixed up. Some workers were doing more than they should and some had more free time during their working hours. The workplace lacked
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He does not have enough control over the work and people.
Lastly, Elena in my opinion is not qualified to work as a leader. She is more of a “servant leader”, doing what others ask her to do. She does not commence ideas, tasks or commands by herself; someone has to ask her to do that. Her colleagues don’t respect her and just treat her like a watchdog. 4. How can motivation be improved in the department?
Top management should

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