Donna 's : A Low Income Family Essay

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Donna’s Determinants

Income and Social Status- Donna’s family is considered to be a low income family. According to Living in Canada, the average annual wage of a painter is 10,416 (Living in Canada, 2014, para. 1), whereas her mother does not make an income, and stays at home with Donna and her three other siblings. Considering that Donna’s father is the main supporter of the family, his yearly income is not enough to provide essential needs for his wife and 4 children. This is shown through the video when Donna’s father speaks about about the family running out of food and having no choice but resort to food banks; which is directly related to the father 's income. Even when the family did have money for groceries, we noticed that whenever we saw Donna and her siblings eating food, she was always eating pizza. This reflects off of the family’s income and ability to purchase good nutritious food for Donna. Another thing that affects Donna health is the fact that her family does not own a vehicle, which directly is associated with her parents income. Donna’s father also mentions that he had once been put in jail. I think it is fair to say that it affects the social and income status of the family, because it is now shown on his permanent record; and affects the types of jobs he may apply for in the future if he was ever wanting to look for a higher income job. Income status also contributes to a lack of education, which Donna is now understanding as she states “I want to…

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