Don 't Misread My Signals By Judith Ortiz Cofer Essay

706 Words Dec 18th, 2016 3 Pages
In the article “Don’t Misread My Signals” Judith Ortiz Cofer explains the religious and cultural differences between other countries. She shares incidents, in the early stages of her life, such as the stereotypes and discriminatory opinions from others she was faced with. She was judged by her society for her appearance because she was a woman from Puerto Rico and had experienced racist situations when she first arrived in the United States. Cofer’s article begins with a flashback to her college days where she was experiencing harassment from an unknown young male who came from pub. Cofer was truly was concerned about terrible remarks made about stereotypes related to her race. The racial challenges presented in “Don’t Misread My Signals” are similar to what I experience, even though we are of different races. Verbal abuse I had endured were minor threats and name calling from different races I had to face from the n word to almost every slang word in the book. The author and I shared similar experiences such as not being able to wear well known brands in our respective childhoods, as well as differences such as the time she faced with sexual harassment and I was fortunate enough to not go through this. Both Cofer and I know the humiliation that stereotyping can affect people. We both understand the sense of inferiority that comes with being minorities in a predominantly white country like the United States. We have similarities despite being different races. This is…

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