Essay on Don 't Focus On The Non Essentials

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There are so many different hairstyles from different places and cultures it makes my story seem insignificant. I don’t care if I don’t get my point across or no-one agrees with it. As long as I tell the story to anyone who will listen. Some backstory you might want to know: I come from a fairly large family; a family that have very strong opinions and don’t back down. Although, this story isn’t about my family, even if it seems like it is. Don’t focus on the non-essentials. This particular story is about me wanting bangs, and my stance on modern photog- raphy. My grandparents had left on a mission to Holland, they had been there for about a year. My mom’s side of the family has some deep roots in Holland. My grandma and grandpa are both Dutch, they moved to America and never really touched base with their heritage. So when my mom got a plane ticket to Holland as a Christmas gift, it was very important that my mom went. We drove her to the airport early in the morning. She was gone for two difficult weeks, my father was a worker, he rarely stayed home to watch us, it wasn’t an ideal situation for anyone involved.

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A few days after my mother’s departure I found myself getting ready to go to my grandparent’s house, in my parent’s bathroom. I was brushing my brownish-blonde hair, I took a sizeable chunk of the hair at the front of my head. I brushed down to the ends then slowly started to spin it upwards towards the crown of my head. After it was all rolled up I…

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