Domestic Violence Essay

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Domestic Violence
Sandy Ojeda
April 30, 2012
Karen Miner

Domestic Violence People who live together trust one another. Children trust parents to love them not to hurt them and give the economic support as well as the emotional support to grow up, in a romantic relationship a women should be able to trust the man she is with as well as man should be able to trust the women she is with. One thing that breaks trust in these relationships is abuse.
Abuse varies in every relationship. Abuse can be physical, such as slapping, punching, using weapons. Mental abuse includes verbal abuse that brings a victim’s self-esteem down, this leads to depression and making the victim feel worthless. Another form of abuse is
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This meant that they were not allowed to socialize at all. Women were believed to only have to do house work, have children and raise them and attend to all the needs of the husband. In some cultures the fathers to daughters arranged their marriages. They used as a way to either gain social power or to keep control of their daughters. Women where often beaten when they would make their husband, fathers, or even brothers angry or upset. A women being abused was perfectly legal until the late 19th century and early 20th century. Around this time women began to gain more grounds on abuse. Because of women gaining more grounds abuse started to become an issue to the public. The women’s movement got support from other movements that already existed this made them stronger and added support to them. Various bills were presented to congress throughout 1978 to 1984.Domestic Violence Prevention and service act was one of the bills not passed by Congress. In 1984 the Family Violence Prevention services act was a very similar bill (to the Domestic Violence Prevention and Service Act) that Congress passed. Unfortunately, this act still did not give Domestic Violence the attention it needed. The unfortunate event that finally got the attention of the media, politics, and public was the murder of Nicole Brown Simpson. Her husband was tried and found innocent but till to this day there are many speculations about him not being innocent

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