Essay on Domestic Violence

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Neh Awundaga
Elyse Pinkie
Liberty University

This analytical paper takes a look at family violence and the psychological problems faced by the victims. Furthermore the paper examines the contrast which exists between gender role indifference and accepted violent behaviors. In addition, using an ecological stand point external factors within the victim’s environment will be looked into. The leading factor, which brings about serious health and psychological problems for all individuals involved in such an environment is family violence. Research have shown and proven that damaging acts inflicted by perpetuators upon their victims have a long damaging effects
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In this instance Professional Counselors and therapists, need to use different assessment techniques in solving these issues. So it is of uttermost importance that, when Professional Counselors are working with dysfunctional families, each family member’s success rest on the Counselor, the agency and the community.
According to Perry, B.D., in his article, “Incubated in Terror: Neurodevelopmental Factors in the Cycle of Violence”, he states not only the family is being affected by violence, but the detrimental effects is felt by everyone (Perry, 1997, p. 1). Furthermore, Perry states in every culture Violence is an ongoing phenomena and in reference to the most violent places amongst the industrialized nations, Rudo, a researcher states that the United States stands out as an unsafe environment, to reside in.Violence in any form always has been a natural occurrence of any culture. Of all Western industrialized nations, the United States is viewed as one of the most violent place to live in (Rudo & Powell, 1996, p. 1). Redo’s assumptions is being backed up by Reno, J., in his article “Breaking the cycle of violence: recommendation to improve the criminal justice response to child victims and witnesses”. Where he state that women and children each year are faced with physical assault, neglect, rape and adduction, by someone they know and

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