Essay on Domestic Violence Within All Races

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Domestic Violence occurs within all races, both opposite and same sex relationships. According to the NCADV a woman is assaulted or beaten every second in the United States, on average over twenty people per minute are physically abused by their sexual partner. Domestic Violence causes an intimate partner to have power and control over their partner, this has a drastic effect on families and friends in which programs and shelters are suggested to help the victims get away from their abuser, and treat mental illness and other unwanted fears that come with the violence.
Domestic Violence is known to be the cause of deliberately inflicted injuries in women. It is a pattern of behavior in which an intimate partner uses physical violence, coercion, threats, intimidation, and isolation, emotional and sexual or economic abuse to control the other partner. The abuser is usually a current or former spouse, it happens to all ages, ethnicities, races and religion. “About 95% of victims of domestic violence are women. Over 50% of all women will experience physical violence in an intimate relationship, and for 24%- 30% of those women, the battering will be regular and on-going.” (Domestic Violence). According to the Domestic Agency Safe Horizon three million physical assaults take place with males, while it is rare men also go through domestic violence. No matter the status of a person, they can commit or be victims of abuse. It can go from college professors, judges or janitors,…

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