Domestic Violence Should Not Be Allowed Essay

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Domestic Violence
Domestic violence should not be allowed to happen in a relationship because it hurts the person mentally and physically and could also cause them to become handicapped. Domestic violence is a act of violence or aggressive type of behavior within ones home. It usually involves violent abuse between a spouse or a partner . It causes a person to feel unloved because they are being beat 24/7.
People who are abuse sometimes turn to alcohol and other drugs to dull their pain. One study found that women that are beat are 15 times more likely than other women to abuse alcohol. It is also proven that women who are abused are six times more likely to abuse drugs than women who are not abuse.
Alcohol and other drugs may be blocked by the pain. It sometimes makes it worse. People who are drunk or high are less able to respond and handle things as it should be handled. It is not easy to tell if the relationship will become abusive or not at the beginning of it. Domestic violence usually starts after the two get married and become a family as a whole. This is when the spouse wants control over everything but, if you do not cooperate with him/her, they will
Burns 2 force you to do it by any means necessary. Domestic violence is also something hard to stop. Once you get in a relationship it is very hard to get out of it! Most the time the victims have to seek law enforcement just to even leave the home.
However, sometimes victims attempt suicide thinking thats the only…

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