Domestic Violence : New Zealand, And With Specific Reference Tor.w Connells

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In this essay I will be discussing domestic violence in New Zealand, and with specific reference to R.W Connells work on Hegemonic Masculinities (Connell & Messerschmidt, Hegemonic Masculinity; Rethinking the Concept, 2005). I will be discussing how positive more peaceful patterns of masculinity need to become the hegemonic form, in order to try and assist in the movement towards less domestic violence, especially toward women. There are both social and public policy implementations that can be used in assitinging this movement toward a society with less domestic violence.
The concept of Hegemonic Masculinity was really developed in Connells and Messerschmitt’s work. Masculinity is described as something that is actually done in the world, it is made up of ones actions and collections of those that are percevied your masculinities. Masculinity and feminity are said by Connell to have a relationship with your biology, bur tha relationship is not one that is fixed, meaning that masculine actions are not only exclusive to men, as well as this is heavily interlinked with Judith Butler’s work of the sex/gender distinction, and the construction of gender identity (Butler, 1990). Hegemonic masculinites are the certain patterns of masculinity and the collection of those traits and actions that are considered dominant. Thes patterns are subject to change within time, locations, and age groups and can vary greatly between groups. For example the patterns of masculinity for a twenty…

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