Domestic Violence Cases

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Learning about domestic violence in social and legal terms has helped me to expand my knowledge regarding this subject. “Domestic violence and emotional abuse are behaviors used by one person in a relationship to control the other”. (Creative Communications, 2015). Back in the days, domestic violence was seen as a private problem. The police didn’t really interfere in domestic violence cases because of poor cooperation of the victim. Even if the police did made an arrest, the abuser wouldn’t get prosecuted instead the case would be dismissed. “Before the 1970’s the police were reluctant to make domestic violence arrest”. (Moore, 2009). But things started to change during the 1990’s. Violence Against Women Act made the changes of a new criminal justice were pro-arrest polices, evidence-base prosecution, and specialized prosecution units. When the new federal and state laws against domestic violence rise, each domestic violence case that was heard in a courtroom was heard by one or more specially trained judges. The reason why there were one or more judges in a courtroom during the domestic violence case it was for the judges to gain more knowledge in the legal and personal problems of domestic violence cases.
The abuser, environment, and victim is considered the
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Some people day that only poor and women of color get abuse. But the truth is that domestic violence can happened to anyone. Other people say that drugs and stress can lead to domestic violence which is also not true. People try to use any kind of behavior or mood as an excuse for their violent actions. Women who are being abuse and continue living with the abuser does not mean that she likes to get abuse. Sometimes it is difficult for many women to leave the house because of many reasons and one of them is money. Nobody should experience domestic violence. Violence affects everyone, the abuser, victim, and people who witness

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