Domestic Violence Has A Huge Impact On Women And Children Essay

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Domestic violence has a huge impact on women and children, if children are involved in domestic violence it impacts them just as much if not more than their mothers. Women involved normally suffer from depression and low self esteem, often lead to PTSD or another called Battered Wife Syndrome. The abuser is normally controlling in various ways such as, controlling when she sleeps, eats, what she wears, who are her friends, or even if she can have friends. The abuser can also keep any form of money in a way to keep her trapped, or even forbid her from working. Children that see domestic violence often have troubles in their own lives such as, social and emotional problems. Children’s behavioral problems often lead to tantrums more than normal if they are younger, and if they are in school they have a tendency of either not paying attention in school or bulling other students. There are some cases where children who are or see abuse they can take it out on family pets or even animals in the neighborhood. Children normally become worried and extremely fearful in their own homes, just like their mothers they often become depressed and can develop PTSD as well. Women that are abused can distance themselves from their own children or family in general, which can make their children feel neglected almost forgotten, like they aren’t worthy. Domestic violence is considered to be a social and health issue, these normally last a life time. Domestic violence can be more than just…

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