Domestic Violence Between Partnerships Prospects Essay example

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In society, domestic violence between partnerships prospects as a controversial subject around the globe. Domestic violence scenarios, occur towards individuals that are part of a partnership in which woman and man experience. Therefore, problems can be caused by their partners having an affair, lying and/or bringing past problems from old partnerships causing several consequences. Stewart, MacMillan, and Wathen (2013) discussed, domestic violence causes a significant loss for both individuals involve in a partnership. Therefore, these dangerous behaviours can cause health, economic, and social costs (p.6) On extreme cases, these individuals tend to already have formed families, including children. This abuse involves impacts on the man or woman who are part of the marriage.When domestic violence is brought into a partnership with children, it tends to grow its negative behaviour and abuse within the family, causing it to break. Children become victims in partnerships that involve violence. As a result, parents sometimes, decide to weight their anger on their children. Domestic violence is also seen as a selfish and negative tactic to gain power over the other significant other.

One of the major problems about domestic violence involves its framing by the media and its inequality towards women/man. This subject encourages several stereotypes, such as the only woman gets physical/emotional abuse and “real” man don’t complain. Easteal, Holland, and Judd (2015) stated,…

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