Domestic Violence Argumentative Essay

In recent discussions of domestic violence, a controversial issue has been that genders play a role on the punishment given. On the one hand, some argue that being a male or female has no effect on how you get punished. On the other hand, however, others argue that there is double standards between men and women in domestic violence. In sum, then, the issue is women get more of a lenient punishment than men. Though many people assume that there is no double standards in domestic violence, issues regarding how women get punished prove that there are differences between genders when crime is committed. Cases that involve women committing domestic violence, like that of Hope Solo’s, are starting to prove that gender equality is far different …show more content…
Gender bias and thinking that women are let off easy is not the issue. The issue is an unclear punishment or horrible policy of the league. Maggie Mertens, a journalist, agrees when she writes, “This case isn't necessarily a problem of a gender "double-standard," but of an unclear U.S. Soccer policy” (Mertens). If the statement would have been clear to what hope solo was banned for or if there was a better version of what happened, many others would not argue over the issue of hope solo as double standard in a domestic violence charges. Woman athletes are banned in their sports and it goes unnoticed because the media does not find them as big as a male athlete. women constantly face gender inequalities. Mertens states, “Women athletes face vast gender inequalities constantly, so it's notable that the sports media is so focused on this instance of perceived gender bias” (Mertens). Any female in any sport, they have less of a value then what a male athlete would. This making them have inequalities towards any action they make or the coverage they get. By focusing on how hope was punished but it went unnoticed, Mertens overlooks that her three match ban was withdrawn and played the following game in the women's world cup. Although it is true that sometimes women that face gender bias in sports, they do not face gender bias when it comes to cases where they charge men with abuse. women usually

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