Domestic Violence And Social Values

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Social values exist in our society. They help one understand social welfare policies. According to the textbook, Robin Williams identifies fifteen major value orientations in U.S. society that may or may not conflict in regard to social welfare policies. (Popple & Leighninger, 1998) A social value that is related to the Violence Against Women Act is the Humanitarian Mores value. This value states that caring for one another, or being a humanitarian is a key in U.S. society. When working with victims of such crimes, it is important to care and understand these individuals. Another value related to domestic violence is progress. The value of progress says things should and will get better. (Popple & Leighninger, 1998) This is the case of
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Some of the goals include changing attitudes toward domestic violence, foster awareness of domestic violence, improve services for victims, and reassess the manner in which the criminal justice system responds to such crimes. (, 1994) These goals are in regards to victims of sexual assault, intimate partner violence, dating violence, and stalking. The Act is funded through grant programs through state, tribal, and local governments. (, 1994) The Office on Violence Against Women has awarded over $6 billion to fund the Violence Against Women Act, since its creation in 1995. (U.S. DOJ, …show more content…
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