Essay on Domestic Violence And Its Effects

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For most of time, beating a woman has always been accepted and for a long time nothing was done to change it. Because nothing was done about domestic violence for so long, it is now one of our most serious crimes. Since it has started to become a frequent and heinous crime, state lawmakers started making harsher punishments to try to deter violators. Each state created their own set of laws for this crime based on this growing crime rate in their state. This crime has started to become such an issue we are now seeing it more with iconic figures like Chris Brown, Ray Rice, Chad Ochocinco, Floyd Mayweather Jr., and Charlie Sheen, which have all been charged and convicted (except Ray Rice, he never went to trial) in the last five years. Domestic violence over the years has started to become a problem and is considered a serious crime, causing Michigan to change their laws and penalties dealing with domestic abuse.
Domestic violence is any behavior meant to control or make someone feel humiliated or fear (Berry, 1998, p. 1). Many may believe that domestic abuse just comes in a physical form, but it can also come with emotional abuse. The physical abuse is the most visible form of domestic violence. Physical abuse can leave evidence behind on the outside of the body or if the abuse is bad enough it may cause damage to internal organs or broken bones. Also considered domestic abuse is marital rape, which is hard to prove because rape is consider any type of penetration that is…

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