Domestic Violence And Developmental Delays Essay

722 Words May 28th, 2016 3 Pages
Domestic Violence is not very openly talked epidemic world wide. This study main objective was to see if there was a correlation between Domestic Violence and developmental delays in children who are staying at a Transitional Housing facility. These children are victims of Domestic Violence, not just by witnessing but some have experienced the abuse themselves. The children in the study could of been hit or sexually assaulted or have seen that done to the other parent. This study looks and collects different types of data to get an overall outlook of the children in this facility. The Limitations of this study is the sample size for this study. Although, we have all the children in the Transitional Housing Facility, we are only looking at children between the ages of one and 6. The sample size is really minimized when only looking at this specific age range because that is where the most severe developmental delays occur. As well, some of the kids will not go to Children’s Program some of the time some data might not be there if they are frequently skip program. Another limitation in the study is that some of the data that is being collected is self reported. The children and parents are filling out the questionnaires themselves and some of the data could not be as accurate. It rarely can be independently verified and can only take what they say or report at face value. Furthermore, the data for the CDC could not be measuring the same type of developmental delays as this…

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