Domestic Violence Against Women For The Uk Essay

1475 Words Jan 9th, 2016 6 Pages
In this literature review it will be considered the different ways in which domestic violence against women be prevented in the UK are becoming victims of domestic violence. In order to find out how it can be prevented an in depth analysis of domestic violence is required. Domestic violence is a social problem which is occurring all over the world. The effects of domestic violence on women can last for a very long time. At times women are even beaten to death by their partners. As, a result is it an issue which needs to prevented.
This literature review will analyse what are the types of abuse which fall under domestic violence, who are the perpetrators, the effects of domestic violence on women, what types of protection are available to women under the UK law, what measures are being taken by the UK in order to prevent it and whether there are proper facilities for women to seek help. Hester, Pearson and Harwin defined domestic violence as any violent or abusive behaviour whether it is physical, sexual, psychological or verbal which is used by one person to gain control or dominance over another with whom they have or had a relationship. According to the British Medical Association the term ‘domestic violence’ is used to refer to physical, sexual, or psychological violence from an adult perpetrator which is directed towards an adult victim in the context of a close relationship. Radford provides a whole range of definitions of this term by different professional groups…

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