Persuasive Essay On Overpopulation Of Dogs

Cooper was only six months old when he was left in the streets by his careless owners and where he was forced to face the world all alone. He met another forgotten and lonely puppy named, Molly, and they ended up having a litter of puppies. These innocent dogs either ended up dying or hopefully, they made it to a shelter. Consequently, it only takes two unsterilized, abandoned dogs to lead to the overpopulation of dogs. Around four million helpless dogs die each year due to the shelters overflow with homeless canines so the innocent animals must be euthanized (Sexton). Additionally, more than half of the blameless dogs in an animal shelter never become adopted so they never make it to a forever home. For example, the United States currently has over more than ten million animals without a home (Issitt). The overpopulation of domestic dogs is mostly caused by the neglect and …show more content…
Overpopulation of domestic dogs leads to an increase in diseases such as rabies and an increase in financial problems. This problem could be reduced if there were less people supporting the breeding industry, more spay and neuter programs, and more awareness. Dogs should be spayed or neutered in order to reduce the overpopulation of the animals along with raising additional awareness.
Dogs can have one litter of six or more puppies each year so there are more dogs than there are people who intend to care for them, which leads to overpopulation becoming an ongoing issue. Overpopulation of dogs results from a combination of factors such as boosting “breeding cycles” and breeding specific types of dogs for “commercial purposes” of the animals (Issitt). Owners of domestic dogs change the breeding cycle of their pets by forcing them to breed and reproduce year round regardless of the “availability of

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