Domestic Abuse : The Violation Of Women And Human Rights Essay

1977 Words Dec 6th, 2016 8 Pages
Domestic abuse has been existing throughout history because we allowed it to happen. Why women are likely to be the victim of everything? As a woman, we faced many challenges in our daily life not only pregnant, them also have physical and emotional abuse. Domestic violence is the violation of women and human rights. Women mostly are abused directs by their intimate partner (current or former spouses, boyfriends, dating). In order to prevent or minimize the recycle impact of domestic abuse we must follow this rule, “detect, identify, toughen law, house penalties and rehabilitate.” There various reasons women accepted domestic abuse are due to lack of education, marriage vows and religion, unemployment, and finance. Finally, she fears her partner in order to protect her family or children reputation.

It is important to understand that domestic abuse is existing and it is part of someone daily life no matter where they are. Domestic abuse is not discrimination; it could possibly occur to anyone during this generation. Women get married to receive happiness from their partner to build strong beautiful family relationships but instead women are targets of domestic abuse. Each day womankind was likely go through domestic violence at home, therefore she keeps secrets from everyone. Purple color serve as a symbol of domestic violence awareness. Every year the month of October women who fight for women’s rights wear purple T-shirts because it represents women support ending…

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