Domestic Abuse Protection And Prevention Essay

1148 Words Apr 15th, 2016 null Page
Like A Storm Swirling, Domestic Abuse is A Victim’s Life
Domestic abuse is a storm of its own. It ruins relationships, it can kill, and it creates a new sense of a “role model” to the victim 's child/children. There are laws set for domestic abuse protection and prevention. They are not always enforced for different reasons. Domestic abuse is not only appointed towards women, but also towards men. Educate yourself of signs and prevention. People abuse their partners for a myriad reasons. “Studies suggest that violent behavior often is caused by an interaction of situational and individual factors” (Goldsmith). Sometimes the abuser controls the victim because of their own low self-esteem issues. In other cases the abuser can’t control his/her anger, as well as deal with their own emotions. According to different studies, 3-4 million children of ages that range from 3-17 are at risk of being exposed to domestic violence per year. The kids may feel compelled to feel worthless and/or powerless. They may feel angry towards their sibling(s) or parent for engendering the abuse. Also the child could feel isolated. When the children are exposed to domestic violence they react with fear and anxiety. When they are exposed to domestic violence over a period of time, it also affects them in the future. They suffer not only emotionally, but they also get psychological trauma. The kids grow up with a role model idea of acts of domination, intimidation, and violence over the other…

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