Essay on Domestic Abuse And The World Today

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Domestic Abuse and the World Today An issue that has recently came to the light due to the poor actions of celebrities or athletes is what is titled “domestic abuse”. This issue has torn apart families and wrecked homes for decades and centuries. It is a horrible act of hatred and anger. Usually this act is extremely understated and overlooked, but now thanks to the so called “trial of the century” as well as many other recent events, this horrible deed has become directly under the spotlight. Because of this flood of new found information everyone is trying to do whatever they can to learn and try to solve this problem. This problem is domestic abuse.
Domestic violence is an issue that needs to be handled and respected due to the horrible nature of the crime and should be handled as such. Also, to give a little background information, most men and women couples do not engage in physical abuse, but also verbal abuse is a huge problem as well. Now that that is out of the way. It is a common knowledge that the news and social media exaggerate things to a ridiculous scale. Many people see domestic violence as an epidemic, epidemic by Webster’s dictionary standards is defined "a rapid spreading of a disease; to many people at the same time", that’s not how domestic abuse works. It didn’t just come about; it has been here for centuries right under our noses.

One reason that over the past few years is the radical acts committed by star football players O.J. Simpson and more…

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