Dollar General Market Analysis Essay

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Dollar General Analysis
Ricky Rich
10 Nov 2014
Dr. Bridges

Dollar General Analysis
Dollar General Corporation is a premier low-cost retailer organization in the United States. It is amongst the biggest retailers with over 11,500 stores that provide quality commodities made by American manufacturers. One of the Dollar General’s main objectives is to create an atmosphere that enables access to everyday items worry-free, rather it is a simple bar of soap or a box of detergent. This objective is achieved by offering a detailed variety of recognized labels at affordable prices in well-located and accessible locations (Dollar General Corporation, 2014). Multiple strategic and operational company goals were identified in the SWOT
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All of these approaches are part of their long-term strategic plan and result in better end results for the customer, making life better and more comfortable.
Cost control will be discussed to address career opportunities and the work environment for employees. Dollar General places emphasis on the oversight of its overhead cost structure to ensure maximum profitability for its stakeholders. Additionally, the model they often deploy is acquiring locations in areas where acquisition and operating budget lines are at or below market research or relatively low cost (Dollar General Corporation, 2014). In return, additional employment and increased management opportunities are created. Operating costs are regulated by deploying advanced technology as appropriate in areas as warranted. The latest example of this approach is the launch of the “EZstore” concept, an enterprise function designed to streamline inventory delivery and efficiency from the distribution hub to the buyer’s front door (, 2014). Additional enhancements to the inventory and stock systems are utilizing an automated replenishment system at the retail level and the application new product allocation software designed to support external vendors with store apportionment and purchasing choices (Dollar General Corporation, 2014). All of these initiatives also support the strategic plan as conveniences to

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