Essay on Dogs Were Domesticated From The Middle East

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Around 32,000 years ago, dogs were domesticated, over these years, due to their loyalty and companionship; they have earned the title of Mans’ Best Friend. Dogs are present in about fifty percent of United States homes, and to many, are considered part of the family. Because of their prevalent presence in our society people wanted to better understand these four-legged creatures. For many years it was thought that dogs were simply machines acting on instinct, rather than feelings, now after recent studies it has been proven that dogs have the feeling capacity of a two year old child, and are much more similar to humans than previously thought. Dogs were domesticated from wolves to dogs; the timing of this split varies, ranging between 6,000 and 120,000 years ago. They were then further domesticated from dogs to breeds. A study published in the Nature Communications journal, from May 14, 2013, proposed that, instead of domestication originating in the Middle East, like others have suggested, dogs’ domestication actually originated from Southeast Asia (Wang, Guo-dong, and Weiwei Zhai.) The connection people have with their canine companions, as shown by several new researches, is embedded in our genes. Several international institutions, as well as researchers from the University of Chicago, have found that, “…several groups of genes in humans and dogs – including those related to diet and digestion, neurological processes, and disease – have been evolving in parallel for…

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