Essay Does Gender Affect The Human Race?

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Gender affects the human race in many different ways. It can be a separating barrier between people. There are stereotypes, such as both genders being unable to communicate effectively, females being moody, and males having no emotion whatsoever, that are only based on what the human race believes as a society. They might also include things like determining what one gender might be able to do better than the other. This brings forth the idea of whether one brain might be better than the other. One of the things tested in an effort to answer this question is whether gender affects memory. Even though the brain’s abilities change with sex, science has discovered that there is no specific correlation between an individual’s ability to remember something and his or her gender, but other processes that take place in the brain are. This process of storing memory is the same in all brains of the human species regardless of their reproductive organs. Due to the chemical and electrical basis of memory laid down thousands of years ago, the brain must work in a manner efficient enough to process the complex world around it and survive in that world. Memory is very important for this and throughout the evolving process of the brain it has remained almost exactly the way it has since the beginning of this species. As a basic process, memory comes down to the single idea of neural pathways in the brain. Neural pathways are the brains method of storing information. Just like a computer…

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