Does Ethnocentrism Affect Our Lives? Essay

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As human beings, were all born into certain societies which will raise us to have certain beliefs and views of the world. These beliefs and views of members of a particular society form a culture. Though each culture is very unique, all share basic life events such as death, birth, courtship, procedures for exchanging goods, and even views on what is to be considered “edible”. Personally, I find it bizarre that other countries eat insects because I was raised to believe that insects were made for squishing. The people of countries such as Brazil, Ghana, and Mexico find the consumption of bugs nothing out of the ordinary. Insects may serve as delicacy to people of China or as a means for survival for the people of Ghana. Either way, all cultures have different reasoning behind their actions and their own ideas of what is normal. It is pretty safe to say were all guilty of thinking that our own beliefs and behaviors were the right and only right way of doing something. This is called ethnocentrism. Typically, we feel this way because we grew up with our own beliefs and rituals, while not even realizing the endless amount of different ways people go about doing those same things. The idea of ethnocentrism brings me back to an argument I had when I was in middle school. It was Christmas time and I asked a classmate what she was doing for Christmas. She then told me that she didn’t believe in God, therefore her family didn’t celebrate the holiday. I was absolutely stunned by…

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