Does Behavioral Intervention Improve Ebd? Essay example

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Does Behavioral Intervention Improve EBD?
This study is to determine if students diagnosed with emotional and behavioral disorder (EBD) can benefit from a behavioral intervention programs like the mentally and physically disabled students do in the special education classes. The student chosen for this study has just entered middle school; his family has had concerns about his emotional and behavior difficulties since elementary school. At this time, it is the opinion of the student’s physician and the school psychologist determined that it is not just an awkward phase that he will be outgrowing instead it is a concern that requires testing. Testing will focus on his emotional and behavioral problems because based on his Criterion-Referenced Competency Test (CRTC) he does not have any signs of a learning disability. His only difficulty in the area of learning concerns his emotional problems; they prevent him from staying on task, which effects his grades. His favorite subject is math; he has hopes of being an engineer one day.
Testing found that the student has difficulty with anger, anxiety, and irritability issues, problems with concentration, low self-esteem, self-injurious behaviors, and sleeping problems. He is also at risk for problems in the following areas: attitude toward school, attitude toward teachers, anxiety, relations with parents, and low self-esteem. The three areas where he demonstrates atypical behavior are in socialization,…

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