Essay about Does Advertising Really Work?

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Does Advertising Really Work? And What are the Effects and Types?

“$5, $5 Foot Long!!” This ad from subway is a perfect example of how good advertisement easily gets stuck in people’s head’s. Some may say they are “immune” to advertising but studies show that is impossible. As presented in the intro, everyone knows the good slogans and theme songs of a certain company. There are different kinds of advertising and some work better than others. The effects that advertising can have on a business are extreme; it can either make or break a company. As the world and technology is changing, so is the advertising market. Companies need to keep up with the changing advertising industry, so that new generations and consumers are interested. Why is advertising needed? Well, advertising allows products to be put out there so the public becomes aware of the product. “An ongoing advertising campaign is essential in reminding your existing customers that you 're still around” (Kenneth Roman and Jane Maas - small business). The advantages of companies choosing to advertise, is that the company can target a certain group of consumers. Different ads appeal to different people; a Barbie ad won’t interest a boy, but the boy doesn’t need to be interested since they are not the target group of Barbies. Promoting a product or service to the world, can be a great opportunity to send a certain message about that product or service. “The primary objective of advertising is to get the word…

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